Addison Litton

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I am proudly a sixth-generation Texan. My family arrived here when it was still Mexico.

My great, great, great grandfather Addison Litton arrived with his family in 1826 and settled in Bastrop County. He fought in the battle of San Jacinto and was awarded a Spanish Land Grant in Cedar Creek, Texas. I heard many stories, one about a group of riders who would come up and say, "Come on Litton! We gotta go put down an uprising!" There were still hostile Indians and others who would raid Texas settlers. They would tell him, "Grab your rifle and your pistol and let's go!" He survived the war and many skirmishes and was eventually killed by an Indian in hand-to-hand combat near Cedar Creek, Texas. A marker was placed there in his honor. 

Michael Litton is proudly a sixth-generation Texan and is the first Litton that was not born on a cattle ranch. He has been a banker for the last 30 plus years and could not conceive of living anyplace else but Texas. 

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