Union Drum with Infantry Eagle

The Civil War drum of Private Alpheus Holbrook, 19th Maine Infantry

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Like flags and banners, Civil War drums served as regimental and company symbols and often were painted with the unit's name, a state seal, or other patriotic emblems. Made by Charles E. Town in Bath, Maine, it was carried by Private Alpheus Holbrook of the 19th Maine Infantry.

Music played a vital role in Civil War military units, Union and Confederate. It raised troop morale and provided important signals in camp and during battle. Not every regiment or brigade had enough musicians for a full band, but almost every company would have field musicians — drummers and fifers for infantry units and buglers for cavalry units.

This object is on display in the Collectors' Gallery, an exhibition space devoted to showcasing the collections of significant private collectors in Texas and their efforts to preserve historical artifacts.

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Union Drum with Infantry Eagle Artifact from Houston
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