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Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Texas urges voters to keep Prohibition

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The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of the State of Texas (WCTU) was organized in 1881 to promote total abstinence from alcoholic beverages and put liquor dealers out of business, for the purpose of reducing crime, poverty, and immorality. Their newsletter, The Texas White Ribbon, sought to educate members on movements threatening temperance.

The August 1935 newsletter dealt with the upcoming state election to end statewide Prohibition. Vehemently opposed to the proposition, the WCTU newsletter carefully showed women how to vote against Prohibition’s repeal by crossing out the amendment they did not support. The women were not successful in their campaign, and after the repeal of statewide prohibition in 1935, members devoted themselves to polling political candidates for their views on alcohol and campaigning for dry elections in their communities.

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The Texas White Ribbon Newsletter Artifact from Austin
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