United States Marine Corps Model 1913 Saber and Scabbard

Sword designed by a legendary war general

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From 1927 to 1941, a small detachment of the 4th Regiment of U.S. Marines, commonly referred to as "China Marines," were stationed at the American Legation in Shanghi (now Beijing), China, to protect U.S. citizens and American interests in that region. The elite members of the China Marines were the Mounted Detachment, or Horse Marines. They were issued the Model 1913 Saber, the standard U.S. Cavalry saber of the time.

The 1913 saber was designed by George S. Patton before he became a famous U.S. General. Patton competed in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm as a fencer. His skill and training with a sword led him to redesign saber combat doctrine for the U.S. cavalry, favoring thrusting attacks over the standard slashing maneuver. He designed the 1913 saber for such attacks. A small number of these sabers, including this one, were transferred to the U.S. Marine Corps for use by the Horse Marines.

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United States Marine Corps Model 1913 Saber and Scabbard Artifact from San Antonio
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