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Experience the Bullock Museum—the biggest classroom in Texas.

The Story of Texas unfolds with original artifacts and hands-on activities designed for students of all grade levels. The Bullock Museum offers numerous tools to support classroom learning and professional development:


Exhibitions and Films

Bullock Museum exhibitions and films extend classroom learning and reinforce the curriculum.

  1. Texas History Galleries - are three floors of original artifacts and hands-on interactives presented chronologically:
    • The first floor examines interactions between American Indians and European explorers and settlers.
    • The second floor focuses on the fight for Texas independence and Texas as both a nation and a state.
    • The third floor explores industry, oil, aviation, and the space program.
    On each floor, students will discover the Story of Texas—the story of people and daily life, and the growth of Texas's economies, technologies, and cultures. how life in Texas changed over time, and how Texas has grown to be influential in economics, technology, and culture. Groups may begin a visit on any floor. 
  2. Special Exhibitions - offer a focused examination of history, culture, and science. Use lesson plans and activities in conjunction with a Museum visit to extend classroom learning, or after the exhibition has closed as supplementary activities to classroom curriculum. Special Exhibitions are on display for a short period of time, so be sure to check the dates when planning your visit.
  3. Films - both the Texas Spirit Theater, a 4D experience, and the Bullock IMAX® Theatre offer students a memorable and fun way to understand history, science, and culture.

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Curriculum Resources

Make the most of your self-guided trip to the Bullock Museum with The Story of Texas Educator Guide and social studies TEKS-alignment materials:

You may also visit the Museum on a free educator preview visit. Exhibition admission will be waived when you come to the ticketing counter, show your school ID badge, and tell the Visitor Services staff member that you're here to plan a field trip.

Questions? Email education@thestoryoftexas.com.


Activity Guides

Activity guides help students focus on specific topics and skills during their Museum visit.

Grades K-3

This activity guide prompts students to find personal connections, make comparisons, analyze artifacts, and reach creative decisions in the galleries. The guide takes approximately 45 minutes to complete at the Museum. 

Grades 4-7

This activity guide leads students through the Museum in six activities that analyze artifacts and exhibitions, focusing on how jobs and industry shaped Texas over time. The guide takes approximately one hour to complete at the Museum. 


Downloads for Exhibitions and Films


D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944

Making military strategy and geography accessible to your students, this film explains why and how the largest Allied operation of World War II changed the course of the war and of world history. Exploring history, science, technology, and human values, the film supports World War II curriculum and vividly illustrates the maps, photos, and stories that appear in history books.


Extreme Mammals

The Biggest, Smallest, Most Amazing Mammals of All Time

The most astonishing mammals to roam the Earth—some with tongues weighing four tons, and others as small as a bumblebee—are featured in this educator guide based on a popular exhibition. With activities and lesson plans focused on adaptations, evolution, and environment, the Extreme Mammals Educator Guide provides supplementary science lesson plans and activities for all grade levels.

Forgotten Gateway

Coming to America Through Galveston Island

This guide explores Galveston's time as one of America's top ten ports of entry into the United States. The Forgotten Gateway Guide for Educators & Communities features 21 lesson plans, activity pages, content glossaries, and resource lists. This guide also contains activity plans for performing oral histories, engaging local audiences in dialogues about their own immigrant histories, and guidelines on how to conduct relevant programs with students.


Texas Aviation Celebration

The history of aviation in Texas is the story of industry innovation, record-setting achievements, gravity-defying feats, and the soaring human spirit. The Tango-Alpha-Charlie: Texas Aviation Celebration Educator Guide provides lesson plans and activities. This TEKS- and STEM-aligned guide is a wonderful tool to combine the dynamic achievements of Texas aviators, designers, manufacturers, and services into your history and science curriculum.


Programs for CPE Credit

Field Trips for Grown Ups 

Explore the Museum's exhibitions in a comfortable, small-group setting. Led by experts, these 45-minute presentations combine guided tours and discussion, touchable items, and hands-on activities to reveal the stories not told in the labels.

Evenings for Educators

Designed for teachers of all grade levels and subjects, these casual gatherings feature special tours, film screenings, and food and beverages. Pick up new curriculum guides, activities, and unique classroom resources while you earn CPE credit and enjoy time with colleagues. Check the calendar of events for programming information.

La Belle: The Ship That Changed History—Sneak Peek

Wednesday, October 8, 5-8 p.m.

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Professional Development Programs

We can tailor experiences to meet your instructional needs in several different formats, including half-day and full-day events, multi-day collaborations with other institutions, and distance learning videoconferences. Program topics can include:

Museum 101: Teacher Orientation Workshop

Grade Levels: K-12 - Led by Bullock Museum staff, this workshop acquaints K-12 teachers with the Museum’s resources and prepares educators to visit the Museum with their classes. The workshop explores the content and context of the Museum’s exhibitions and films, demonstrates methods for teaching with artifacts and primary sources, and provides strategies for integrating museum methodology into the classroom. 

Discovering History through Artifacts

Grade Levels: K-12 - How can you use hands-on artifacts in your classroom to excite students about content? How can close observation encourage students to see beyond the obvious? In this free workshop about artifact analysis, The Museum comes to you through videoconferencing. Almost all on-site professional development workshops can be delivered through distance learning. For more information on Distance Learning through the Museum, including technical requirements and registration instructions, please visit our Distance Learning page.

All sessions provide:

  • Instructional materials
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours
  • Teaching strategies
  • Connections to TEKS
  • Free parking for on-site programs
  • Scheduling to fit the time and instructional needs of your group

Interested in a topic you don't see listed? Please call (512) 936-4604 or email education@thestoryoftexas.com for more information, or to schedule a program.