Field Trips

Experience interdisciplinary Texas.

Explore history, science, language arts, ESL, the arts, and many other stories of Texas through the Bullock Museum's school field trip program.

Important Information

Please note: The portion of the first-floor Texas History Gallery covering American Indians, early Texas colonization, and westward expansion content is unavailable. The first-floor Texas History Gallery is currently undergoing renovation to provide a new interpretive approach to the encounters between the French, Spanish, and regional American Indians. During renovations, students can explore the early history of Texas through the story of French exploration in the Museum’s new installation featuring the 17th-century French ship La Belle.  

Plan Your Field Trip

What do you want to do and see when you get here?

A Museum education staff member will help plan your field trip and can suggest itineraries based on your needs. If you're an educator and you'd like a pre-trip preview visit, we'll waive your exhibition admission when you arrive. Just show your school ID badge at the ticketing counter and tell the staff member that you are here to plan a field trip. You can also explore current and upcoming exhibitions and events and peruse the Artifact Gallery online. 

Download our TEKS-aligned curriculum resourcesexhibition and film activity guides, lesson plans, and additional resources.You'll find great suggestions to tie your Museum experiences to classroom activities.  

Experience Films

Don't just see films—experience them. 

Sit in the huge IMAX® Theatre in front of the biggest screen in Texas and become part of stunning giant-screen documentaries about distant countries, space, oceans, wars, and many other amazing places and events. 

In the multimedia, 4D special effects Texas Spirit Theater, watch as Texas history steps out on stage in The Star of Destiny, an epic saga about Texas's past, present, and future. Or, experience the story of La Belle as seen through the eyes of a young colonist in Shipwrecked.

Science and history TEKS have never been so fun!

Gather a Group

To receive the Museum's school group price, make sure: 

  • there are at least 10 students of similar age, grades K-12, in your group;
  • you are enrolled in an educational institution or are a home school organization;
  • you make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance; and
  • there is at least one teacher/chaperone for every 10 students.
  Exhibitions - 3 floors
45 mins/floor
IMAX® Theatre
45 mins
Texas Spirit Theater:
Star of Destiny
15 mins
Texas Spirit Theater:
30 mins
Student FREE $4 $4 $5
Teacher FREE $5 $4 $5
Chaperone $11 $9 $5 $7

Apply for Scholarships 

Scholarships provide free admission to films. 

Scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis to groups demonstrating need and meeting reservation criteria. Please complete our online reservation form and indicate your interest in applying. Our scholarship coordinator will follow up to complete the application process.

Scholarships are currently available for Texas Spirit Theater presentations, The Star of Destiny and Shipwrecked.

Make a Reservation

If possible, plan a trip to the museum for the fall semester. Reservation schedules fill up quickly in the spring. 

To make a reservation, please have the following information handy:

  • school name, contact information, district, and grade level
  • lead teacher's name, phone number, and email address
  • preferred and alternate dates and arrival times for visit
  • estimated number of students, teachers, and chaperones (1 adult per 10 students)
  • any special needs
  • lunch plans (Consider ordering from the Story of Texas Café. Or, plan to bring your lunch and eat outside on picnic tables or on the bus.)

Submit reservations at least two weeks before your ideal date. A reservation specialist will review the information and send an email confirming exhibition entry and theater times. If first choice selections are not available, a specialist will contact you about alternative options.

Please note: Confirmation is communicated via email within a week of submitting a reservation. If, after a week, you do not receive confirmation, first check spam or junk folders then email or call the Teacher Hotline at (512) 463-6712 for more information.



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