Calhoun County Museum

301 S. Ann Street, Port Lavaca, TX 77979 • (361) 553-4689

Calhoun County history is very diverse. The La Belle artifacts help to fill in an early part of Texas history. La Salle’s arrival caused a domino effect by bringing the interest of the Spanish back to an area on which they had turned their backs. From there, Texas became wide open for settlement and its development to what it is today. George Ann Cormier, Director

The Clash of Empires in 17th Century North America

Native American points and tools, cannon balls, gun flints, and personal effects of French and Spanish colonists are among the artifacts that attest to the struggle between American Indians, Spain, and France for power in the Americas. See images depicting the forensic reconstruction of the remains of one of the sailors aboard La Belle.


About the Museum

The Calhoun County Museum contains artifacts relating to the history, natural history, and maritime history of Calhoun County. Exhibits include items from La Belle, an 8-foot diorama of the town of Indianola, and artifacts related to daily life in the region. See the museum's vast collection of Native American points and tools, including spear points, fishing hooks, adzes, axes, and more, all collected in Calhoun County.

Must See

Don't miss the 1873 Fresnel Lens from the Matagorda Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse tower was moved about one mile inland by oxcart after the Civil War. A new lens was ordered from L. Sautter and Company in Paris, after which this light was installed.

For Kids

Educational materials relating to Calhoun County, Port Lavaca, the Karankawa Indians, and Matagorda Island. Children can view a bison skull and authentic mastodon bones.

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